Zooleo Engages Your Audience


Zooleo helps business and groups – from social networks to print magazines to bloggers – uplift user-generated content on their website through simple-to-use, elegantly-designed technologies. Essentially, we add "audience engagement" to any platform.

We are based in northern New Mexico and are one of the first web companies to come from the "Chili Pepper Valley,” not to be confused with the “Silicon Valley” on the West coast.

To learn about our first product, Summit, click here.


Zooleo was originally visioned as a website for teens to interview mentors. Instead of us deciding the questions, we wanted a way for teens to choose the questions to ask knowledgeable people in a particular field. However, there was no tool available at the time that allowed for user-directed interviews. So, we created it. We then decided that just as we needed to hold user-directed interviews, it would also be useful to other media and businesses. From various feedback, we also discovered that groups needed a way to uplift other forms of user-directed content, such as answers, ideas, and concerns.

The first version we created was mainly done in javascript and while useful, it was time-consuming to set up on other websites. We then decided to create a version in Flash that could be easily embedded on websites, and along with giving people the option of the content to uplift, would also include a full control panel to manage the sessions. The latest version, what we call Summits, is now taking Beta users.