Discover User Interests

Summits provides a bridge between your content and your audience.

Summit is a state-of-the-art technology built in Adobe Flex that allows businesses to better understand what is most essential to an audience or group. They are flash files, just like a Youtube or other video, that can be easily embedded on your website. (Our first one is 600px wide by 578px high).

You can use summits to uplift various kinds of content, including top Questions, Answers, Ideas, or Concerns. Time-sensitive, similar to an auction, summits display the “winning” entries submitted and chosen by users. Unlike a poll, the top items are not limited by the options chosen by the poll creator. Instead, summits start with a blank slate so what is most important can organically emerge from the group. If you are curious whether a summit is right for your business or group, click one of the buttons below to learn more.